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Oct. 23rd, 2004 | 05:37 pm
mood: depressed depressed
music: Los Lonely Boys


[name and what does your name mean] Jessica and it means "GODS GRACE"
[hair color]- dark brown
[eye color]- dark brown
[marital status]- I’m not married
[education]- high school
[shoe size]- 8 1/2
[skin color]- im not that sure im not black or güera im in between
[school]- Weslaco East High School
[hometown]- Weslaco


Smiled?: today
Laughed?: today
Cried?: yesterdy
Bought something?: today
Danced? today
Were sarcastic?:pues everyday
Kissed someone?: like in april
Talked to an ex?:never
Watched your favorite movie:last week
Had a nightmare?: 2 daze ago


Last book you read: "If You Come Softly"
Last movie you saw: Finding Nemo w'lil sis
Last song you heard: Lady in the Blue Dress-Senses Fail
Last time you showered: in da morning
Last thing you ate: some fajitas

~*DO YOU...*~

Smoke?: a veces
Do drugs?: a veces
Have sex?: never
Sleep with stuff animals?: nope
Live in the moment?: yea sometimes but then i loose track of time and don't value that ppl i am with
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
Have a dream that keeps coming back? yea
Play an instrument?: no
Believe there is life on other planets?: i would hope so
Remember your first love?: yep
Still love him/her?: yea
Read the newspaper?:sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yea
Believe in miracles?: yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes i do
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yeah kinda
Consider love a mistake?: hell no, bacause u learn from ur mistakes u can't learn to love i believe it jsut happens
Like the taste of alcohol?: yep
Have a favorite candy?: sure,i lovecady corn and caramel candy
Believe in magic?:no
Believe in God?: yep
Pray?: yep
Go to church?:yes
Have any secrets?:i don't think so
Have any pets: a dog, 2 birds,like 10 fishies, and a lil sis (psike)
Do well in school?: yeah but not that much right now im doing better thanks to Joshua
Go to or plan to go to college?: yeah
Have a major?: I wanna major in Either Business or Law or both
Talk to strangers who instant message you?:sure
Wear hats?: sometimes
Have any piercings?: yea just my ears but like all gurls do
Have any tattoos?:no
Hate yourself?: sometimes
Have an obsession?: i dunno
Have a secret crush?:nope
Do they know yet? no
Collect anything?: nope
Have a best friend?: yea
Wish on stars?: yeah
Like your handwriting?: man hell no
Have any bad habits?: sure everyone does
Care about looks? yea sometimes but im ugly so whatever
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: no


Current Dress: purple shirt my lil skirt its totally sute and my converse
Current Mood: i feel fat my mom just told me i was fat so yea
Current Music: SENSES FAIL
Current Taste: Iced Tea
Current Hair: its up with a purple ribbon in it and also my bangs are straight down i look so evil
Current Annoyance: my mom
Current CD in Stereo: Los Lonely Boys
Current Favorite Celebrity: SOME GUY NAMED SEAN I THINK FROM life as we know it

~* LOVE *~

longest relationship: never had one
shortest relationship: '' '' ''
been in love w/ more than 1 person? yeah
meanest thing a guy/girl has done to you?: Kissing me was a totally mistake and wished he could take it back because he felt nothing for me
ever broke someone's heart? don't think so
someone break your heart? yeah


You Talked to: My cuzin Juanita
You Hugged:my cuzin Brandon i love u papasito
Instant messaged: Alonzo or Jc
You Yelled At: no one
You Had A Crush On: Phillip
Who Broke Your Heart: Mario

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