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Sep. 26th, 2004 | 08:03 pm

The nerve what the hell I went to a 15era on Friday and Cosme asks me to dance with me i was like Hell no then he was trying to talk to me im such a bitch i said i would dance with him i gave in but then he neer came back to my table so Fock him ahh And then their this other asshole his name is Julio Cantu ahhh i hate boiz sometimes specially assholes like them. Ne ways nothing new here just being a bitch to ppl like always tiff cut he pelo and she says it extra lil aww it must look cute i wanna cut mine but my mother never took me whatever. I saw Mr. Hinojosa a church i didn't get to talk with him i was with my mom i remember when me and Mirna had a notebook last year she put as a joke that he was cute and well i thought she was sayin for real and I put that i thought he was cute too when she wrote bakc she was all u sicko. Man that was funny but i do think he's kinda cute whatever. im out and don't lie to me ppl i know im a bitch

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